"Sing" Is An Optimistic Song To the World

Movie Review - Jackie K Cooper
"Sing" (Universal Pictures)

In a season of movies that are filled with darkness ("Nocturnal Animals" and "Manchester By the Sea") and disaster ("Rogue One" and "Passengers") it is good to have a sweet movie that brings out the optimist in us all, The movie that instills this emotion is "Sing", a fun filled animated musical from the creators of "Despicable Me' and "The Secret Life of Pets."

The story centers around Buster Moon (voiced by Matthew McConaughey), a koala bear who has loved show biz all his life. In his adult life he owns a theater tat has seen some good times and currently some bad times. To raise revenue he decides to hold a talent contest with a $1,000.00 prize. When he tells his secretary Miss Crawley (Garth Jennings) to print off some leaflets she inadvertently types in the prize money as $100,000.00.

Tons of acts audition for the show but it gets narrows down to a fabulous few that includes Rosita (Reese Witherspoon), who is partnered with Gunter (Nick Kroll). There is also a gorilla named Johnny (Taron Egerton) who can really sing, as well as a porcupine named Ash (Scarlett Johansson). The most professional of the acts is a crooning mouse named Mike (Seth MacFarlane). And than there is Meena (Tori Kelly), an elephant with a great voice but it is hidden by shyness.

Watching these performers and others grow in confidence and ability to perform makes up the heart of the movie. Still it is the view of their private lives that gives the movie its heart. There is just enough backstory on each one to make you feel attached to these characters. I especially drawn to Rosita, a pig mother of twenty five piglets who manages to chase her dreams while still tending to her family. Husband Norman (Nick Offerman) appears to be an incidental character but he comes through in the end.

The movie does get a little slow after the musical performers have ben introduced, but as we get closer to "show time" it picks back up. Audiences of all ages will enjoy the comedic moments that arise naturally form the script and they will be awed by the vocal talent these well known actors all display. Who knew Seth MacFarlane is such a crooner!

The movie is rated PG for just a small amount of rude humor.

Any movie that is full of fun, packed with great voices, and sends you out of the theater feeling good about life is A-okay with me. "Sing" is not a Christmas movie per se but it sure does fill you with something akin to Christmas cheer. Pack up your family and head to your local theater. You will have a smile on your face from beginning to end.

I scored "Sing" an on key 7 out of 10.

Jackie K Cooper