Singapore Airlines Passenger Gropes Flight Attendant, Faces Caning

A Ukrainian man is facing punishment for allegedly groping a Singapore Airlines flight attendant last month, The Straits Times reported.

Sierkov Sergii, 35, apparently touched the behind and chest of a female flight attendant on a Moscow to Singapore flight.

Sergii appeared in a Singapore court Monday and will attend a "pre-trial conference" Friday, according to USA Today. If guilty, he faces up to two years in jail, a fine, caning or any combination of those attractive options.

The Singaporean caning procedure involves dipping a long, antiseptic-treated rattan cane in water then whipping it into a man who has been tied up with pads over the more vulnerable areas of his torso. These punishments take place with little notice during many prisoners terms in jail.

In August, a British visitor to Singapore also faced caning after grabbing a woman's buttocks at a nightclub.