This Incredible Airport With A Rooftop Pool Is About To Get Even Better

You've never wished for a flight delay this badly.

Experts recommend arriving at the airport up to three hours before taking an international flight. If you happen to be traveling out of Singapore’s Changi Airport, though, you might want to push that number to two days.

Its sparkling ratings for timeliness, service and “passenger sentiment” are great, but it also boasts amenities like indoor gardens, a movie theater and ― wait for it ― an outdoor pool and hot tub.

If you’re not already scheming ways to get stuck at Changi, consider Jewel, the airport’s upcoming new terminal. The stunning, dome-shaped fantasy world is set to open in 2019.

The 134,000-square meter space will have a level called “Canopy Park” that boasts things you never dreamed of or never knew you needed in an airport, as demonstrated in the recently released video above.

Like two separate mazes, one made of mirrors.

The other will be made of hedges:


Something called “foggy bowls” look like they’ll keep traveling kids entertained.

And, most breathtaking of all, there are plans for a “rain vortex” indoor waterfall, which according to a video from Changi will be the tallest in the world.

Excuse us while we save every penny we earn until 2019. Or, if you can’t wait that long, head to Changi’s website to learn more about its current 85 restaurants, 150-plus shopping destinations and, again, the rooftop pool, people.