Singapore Art Museum Spotlights Local Artists and Global Collectors (VIDEOS)

The Singapore Art Museum currently presents two exhibitions that complement each other well. One shows contemporary Asian art from private collections around the world, the other has its focus on the young generation of artists living and working in Singapore.

Titled "The Collectors Show: Chimera," the first exhibition offers an insight into what kind of Asian contemporary art is popular with international private collectors such as Ulli Sigg or the Rubells, with a bias on Asian collections such as the ones of Shirish Apte or Qiao Zhibin. Some of the artists represented in the show are installation artist Li Hui, Japanese art star Takashi Murakami, and Venice Biennale 2011 participant Lee Yong Baek.

While "Chimera" is obviously a tribute to the art patrons of today, the exhibition "The Singapore Show: Future Proof" at Singapore Art Museum's 8Q space spotlights local talents. On display are works by the artists Sookoon Ang, Angela Chong, Genevieve Chua, Chun Kaifeng, Clog 2, Gerald Leow, Charles Lim, Lynn Lu, Mojoko + Eric Foenander, Dawn Ng, Francis Ng, Donna Ong, Ruben Pang, :phunk studio & Keiichi Tanaami, Rizman Putra, Bruce Quek, Ryf, Shah Rizzal, Speak Cryptic, Grace Tan & Randy Chan, Melissa Tan, Vertical Submarine, Andree Weschler, Joel Yuen, and Robert Zhao.

The exhibition features the installation "Eccentric City: Rise and Fall" by Singapore-based artist group :phunk Studio in collaboration with the Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami, a work that showcases the Japanese art of tatebanko, the art of making models or dioramas out of paper.


:phunk Studio in collaboration with Keiichi Tanaami: Eccentric City: Rise and Fall

Chun Kaifeng shows "The Ride of a Lifetime!," a miniature of a Ferris wheel resembling a prison, and of the Marina Bay Sands building, decorated with currency signs, the back of the building vandalized with splotches of paint (RMB EUR USD).


Chun Kaifeng: RMB EUR USD

Donna Ong has created a city out of glass containers, "Crystal City," and Speakcryptic used the staircase of the museum for a large mural called "Ka-Khe" that addresses the Baweanese culture.


Donna Ong: Crystal City

"The Singapore Show: Future Proof" at Singapore Art Museum at 8Q runs until April 15, 2012; "The Collectors Show: Chimera" at Singapore Art Museum ends March 25, 2012.

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