Singapore Named Lonely Planet's Top Country To Visit In 2015

Singapore has clinched the number one spot on Lonely Planet’s list of the top 10 countries to visit in 2015.

Praised for its multicultural diversity and wide range of attractions, the southeast Asian island nation -- which celebrates its Golden Jubilee next year -- beat out Namibia, Lithuania, Nicaragua and Ireland (ranked second to fifth, respectively) for the top spot.

“Since sealing its independence in 1965, Singapore has been on a roll. And while its grand heritage buildings, chaotic hawker centers, luxurious green spaces and glitzy shopping malls have been luring travelers for decades, a slew of new developments has elevated the ‘Singapore experience’ to a whole new level,” Lonely Planet writes.

The media company adds that travelers to Singapore will be given an extra treat next year as the country launches new attractions to coincide with its 50th anniversary.

This week, Lonely Planet also named Washington D.C. and El Chalten, Argentina, as the number one and number two cities, respectively, to visit in 2015.

Gallipoli, Turkey, a historically-rich peninsula located on the northwestern side of the Dardanelles Strait, was named the top region to visit next year; Tunisia topped the list of best value destinations.

Check out Lonely Planet’s complete “Best in Travel 2015” list here. Lonely Planet's top travel destinations for 2014 can be viewed below:

Best Value Destinations For 2014: Bulgaria
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: It's still unbelievably underrated. Head to the capital, Sofia, for reasonably priced hotels, transport and sites. Check out Plovdiv and Varna (though don't head here in summer, it's part of the Black Sea Riviera).
Best Value Destinations For 2014: Ethiopia
Lonely Planet
Why It's A Value: Travel the country's Historic Route--which includes the monasteries of Lake Tana and the Blue Nile Falls--via plane to save time and money.
Best Value Destinations For 2014: Portugal
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: Head in summer to the Algarve for a cheap family holiday; Lisbon has great food and cheap transport; European surfers love it due to its proximity.
Best Value Destinations For 2014: Nicaragua
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: It's still possible to travel on $20 a day (just don't try to get to the Corn Islands since it's a costly trip from the mainland).
Best Value Destinations For 2014: Greek Islands
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: Greece has had a hard few years. Tourism is down, which means that prices have come down, too, to try to win them back. Ancient sites + fewer tourists = a total win all around.
Best Value Destinations For 2014: Italy's Heel
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: Sure, you can go to Venice and the Amalfi Coast and spend a ton of money; or you can head to Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria for more budget-friendly options, equally delicious eats and a relaxed pace.
Best Value Destinations For 2014: Palawan, The Philippines
Lonely Planet
Why It's A Value: The combination of great beaches and stunning natural sites like the Bacuit Archipelago make it a great pick for those new to the region and old hands.
Best Cities For 2014: Cape Town, South Africa
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: The long-time tourist draw takes on the the title of World Design Capital in 2014.
Best Cities For 2014: Auckland, New Zealand
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: New Zealand's biggest city has a rich (and growing) culinary and cultural scene, not to mention insane coastal views.
Best Cities For 2014: Zurich, Switzerland
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: 1) The European Athletics Championships in August; 2) a renewed nightlife; 3) hipsters!
Best Cities For 2014: Vancouver, Canada
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: Get outdoors and enjoy all the surrounding nature has to offer, from nearby skiing, hiking and biking; or head to the many shops and restaurants sprinkled around town.
Best Cities For 2014: Shanghai
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: Shanghai's running on turbopower. The metro system will open a high-speed line in 2014 (making it the third longest network in the world), the Shanghai Tower will be the tallest building in China (the second tallest in the world) with the world's highest hotel.
Best Cities For 2014: Adelaide, Australia
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: The often-overlooked Adelaide should have a big 2014. The city has just completed a multimillion dollar refurbishment of the "Oval", which links the center of the city with the more historic parts farther north. Add new boutiques and eateries and Adelaide is ready to take front and center in Australia.
Best Cities For 2014: Riga, Latvia
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: Now a European Capital of Culture, the Baltic city will play host to cultural celebrations all year long. A perfect excuse for those who want to try out the city's burgeoning culinary scene.
Best Cities For 2014: Chicago
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: Wrigley Field turns 100 years old in 2014. Otherwise, head here because it's awesome.
Best Cities For 2014: Trinidad, Cuba
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: 2014 marks 500 years since this tiny town stuck in the foothills of the Escambray Mountains and the Caribbean Sea was founded. Think 19th century sugar boom architecture and rich history.
Best Cities For 2014: Paris, France
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: Ok it's Paris, so you'll always want to go. But now you have even more reason: the city is getting de-clogged thanks to a change in traffic patterns, specifically along the city's storied riverbanks.
Best Countries For 2014: Malaysia
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: The government has big plans for the country in 2014, with the construction of Southeast Asia's largest bird park, a Legoland and a Hello Kitty Land, plus a slew of hotels will open next year.
Best Countries For 2014: Belgium
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War I and Belgium is hosting a four-year-long festival of remembrance. For non-history buffs, the towns of Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent might be old, but the food and drink is surprisingly new.
Best Countries For 2014: Brazil
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: It's amazing what the pressure of hosting two major world events (the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016) will do to a country. Rio is cracking down on crime and the entire country is improving infrastructure. Of course, the many beaches and mountains are quite the draw, too.
Best Countries For 2014: Macedonia
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: Revitalization is the name of the game across the country, as the capital, Skopje, has just completed a massive urban renewal project and the country's other hotspots, like Berovo, are angling to become spa capitals in their own right.
Best Countries For 2014: Scotland
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: Glasgow's hosting the XX Commonwealth Games this summer; as such, the city has gotten a facelift. Plus, 2014 is the "year of the homecoming," which urges the Scottish diaspora to come back to the mother land by celebrating its culture and history. Edinburgh (seen here) will also host an International Festival next summer.
Best Countries For 2014: Seychelles
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: Long known as a spot for more well-off travelers, now more economical options are popping up, thanks to more airline competition and budget-friendly hotels. Believe the hype: the Seychelles' 115 islands are awesome.
Best Countries For 2014: Sweden
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: Sweden is no longer ABBA and Ikea. Stockholm now has 8 Michelin-starred restaurants and northern Sweden's largest city, Umea, is the European Capital of Culture for the year.
Best Countries For 2014: Mexico
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: Mexico has rebounded big time in the past few years and between the plethora of hotels, beaches, and cultural sites there are a myriad of reasons to visit our neighbor to the south.
Best Countries For 2014: Malawi
Lonely Planet
Why You Should Go: Once under-the-radar, the draw of safaris, beaches and mountain hikes is grabbing the spotlight away from the usual haunts of Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia.