Singer, Songwriter, Author, Steve Dawson

Ever have a great melody in your head and you wonder how to turn it into a song? Singer-songwriter Steve Dawson of Dolly Varden joins me on the most recent episode of The Celebrity Dinner Party with Elysabeth Alfano. Steve and I dish on everything from the power of a good teacher and the musicality of language to how some of the best songs might just flow to you on your way to work! Demystifying the process and conveying that anyone can do it, Steve makes songwriting accessible even to those who haven’t taken music lessons.

It is no wonder that Steve’s classes at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago sell out continually. For those who can’t get into his classes, his book, Take It To The Bridge: Unlocking the Great Songs Inside You, written with Mark Caro, is out now on Amazon.

So grab a beer, listen in and get ready to take some notes as Steve Dawson takes the fear out of songwriting!

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