Singer Jacqueline Simpson Sues McDonald's, Claims Chicken Sandwich Incident Ruined Her Voice

Singer Sues McDonald's, Claims Chicken Sandwich Incident Ruined Her Voice

A gospel singer has sued McDonald's, claiming her voice was ruined after she bit into a piece of glass while eating a chicken sandwich from the fast food chain, according to the New York Post.

A lawsuit filed Friday by Jacqueline Simpson, a 52-year-old clerk from Brooklyn, N.Y., says the sandwich with the glass inside came from a McDonald’s near the World Trade Center in May 2010. The Post writes that Simpson alleges in the documents her voice has since been "hoarse" and "rattly," and she can no longer sing soprano. She also claims people have mistaken her for a man on the phone, per the Post.

Paul Goodman, owner and operator of multiple McDonald's restaurants in Manhattan, told The Huffington Post in an emailed statement on Tuesday that he plans to look into the incident.

“Rest assured I take these matters very seriously," he said. "Providing safe food and beverages is a top priority at my restaurant. Upon learning about this claim, I took immediate action to gather the facts and began an investigation into the matter. As this is a pending legal matter, it would [be] inappropriate to comment further.”

McDonald's has faced other troubling incidents recently.

In March, Anishi Spencer sued the hamburger chain after she claimed her two sons -- ages 3 and 2 -- found a used condom on the PlayPlace area's floor at a Chicago McDonald's. Later, one of her sons reportedly coughed up a piece of the condom and both needed medical treatment, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Spencer accused the franchise of failing to clean hazardous debris from an area used by children.

Oklahoma native Katherine Ashowo claims she bit into a razor-sharp piece of plastic baked into a McDonald's chocolate chip cookie. The plastic cut her tongue and drew blood before she could spit it out, Oklahoma's News 9 reported. She asked for an apology from McDonald's but had no plans to file a lawsuit at the time of the incident.

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