This 'Singing Doctor' Has Sung To All 8,000 Babies He's Delivered

This 'Singing Doctor' Has Sung To Every Newborn He's Delivered

He's reportedly delivered more than 8,000 babies in the last three decades, but Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja still gives newborns the special treatment when they say hello to the world for the first time.

"Happy birthday to you," the doctor croons, as hospital staff chime in, the video above shows. "Happy birthday to you."

Nicknamed the "Singing Doctor," Andrew-Jaja, an OB-GYN at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Magee-Womens Hospital, has been singing to the babies he delivers since he was a young resident doctor.

"When I was [doing my residency at Pittsburgh's] Allegheny General, there was a physician who used to sing 'Happy Birthday' very lustily to his babies," Andrew-Jaja told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette back in 2002. "I liked that, and I would join him and we'd both really belt it out. When he was retiring, he asked me to continue that tradition. 'It's all yours,' he told me."

This week, a video from 2013 about Andrew-Jaja and his singing antics has experienced a viral resurgence after being posted on Reddit and other websites.

"This brought tears to my eyes," wrote one YouTuber after watching the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center clip.

"Makes me smile, LOVE this so much!" declared another.

Earlier this year, Andrew-Jaja, who reportedly sang for the Pittsburgh Concert Chorale for many years, told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that he sings to the infants he delivers as a way of celebrating their births.

“Everybody has their way of celebrating,” he said. “This is my way of celebrating.”

Watch the doctor singing to his tiny patients in the video above.

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