Singing Resume: Unemployed Journalist Enzo Vizcaino Belts Out CV On Barcelona Metro (VIDEO)

WATCH: Most Creative Resume Ever?

Well, that's one clever way to get a job.

Unemployed journalist Enzo Vizcaino took up a different type of performance art on the Barcelona Metro in Spain recently by singing his resume.

With a bachelor's degree in journalism and a postgraduate diploma, Vizcaino's credentionals are nothing to snort at. But like many recent graduates in Spain, where the unemployment rate is 27.2 percent, Vizcaino was unable to find a job.

So Vizcaino came up with a better idea than printing out countless copies of his curriculum vitae -- many of which would probably just end up in the recycle bin, he reasons on his blog.

While a friend filmed, Vizcaino strummed on a ukulele and serenaded straphangers on the Barcelona Metro.

"Degree in journalism and a master's diploma that is folded right here, in case you'd like to see it," he croons. "I'm the King of Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I control Photoshop." (See full lyrics below)

Fortunately, after the video was posted on YouTube and shared widely on social media, the job offers flooded in, Vizcaino notes on his blog.

We've come across some creative CVs before -- like this chocolate bar resume and Philippe Dubost's faux Amazon page -- but nothing quite this expressive.

Watch Vizcaino sing his resume (in Spanish) on the subway in the video above, or see the full lyrics (in English) below.

LYRICS: (Translation by The Huffington Post)

Degree in journalism
and a master's diploma
that is folded right here,
in case you'd like to see it.

Complementary training:
An online course I found on Groupalia
about community management.
I'm on expert on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest,
Linkedin and MySpace.

Professional experience,
at a local radio station,
with a fellowship contract,
that was unpaid, of course.

And even if it wasn't my thing,
I also worked as a salesperson,
I worked in a call center,
and as a cashier in Mediamark.

With regards to languages I'll say:
My English level is good,
I used to fly with Ryanair.
Parlo anche Italiano, (I also speak Italian)
Livello amore de verano, (Summer fling level)
and I understand some French.

I'm the King of Word,
Excel and Powerpoint.
I control Photoshop.

Don't reach for your wallet,
I'm not here to ask for money.
Though maybe you have a friend or relative...
Need a journalist, screenwriter,
writer or editor,
music composer...

Or maybe you're looking for a more basic service.
I also know how to kneel
and for a special price
I will let you whip me.

For more information
always at your disposition
my profile is at Infojobs.

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