Singing Toilet Will Make You Laugh And Care About World Toilet Day (VIDEO)

WATCH: Toilet Sings For Us To Do Our Duty

If Matt Damon can use humor to improve sanitary conditions across the globe, why can't a singing toilet?

In a WaterAid PSA to promote World Toilet Day on Nov. 19, Louie the Loo rhymes: "Stuff from your body I'll happily take, Liquid or solid, whatever you make. When you think of all the things that I do, It's time to say thanks to your loo."

The video bounces along hilariously until a cold splash of reality hits: A child dies every minute for lack of toilet facilities, WaterAid notes in the spot. In the clip's YouTube description the organization says that 700,000 children die annually from diarrhea "caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation."

World Toilet Day is no joke either. As WaterAid's website notes, the day is now recognized by the United Nations.

"This new annual observance will go a long way toward raising awareness about the need for all human beings to have access to sanitation," U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson said in a statement in July.

Perhaps a singing toilet can make a difference. That would be the best kind of potty mouth.