Single Bridezillas: Tweeters Confess To Pre-Engagement Wedding Planning

An article in the February issue of Marie Claire reports that single women are increasingly putting the dress before the diamond -- meaning that they're not waiting for their partners to propose before looking for, and often purchasing, the gown of their dreams.

And it's not just gowns that women are going after. In a segment about the "trend" on Tuesday's "Good Morning America," the show reported that some women are choosing floral arrangements, invitations, caterers and venues before they're even in serious relationships. There's even a name for these overly-prepared pre-brides: "Single bridezillas."

So we had to wonder, have single women lost their minds, or is this just another invented "trend"?

We put the question to the Twitterverse to get some answers. Click through the slideshow below to see what "single bridezillas" -- and their critics -- had to say.