This Is A Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe, Because Sometimes It's Just Necessary

Some days, you just need a cookie.

Some days we just need a cookie. Like, bad. And not just any cookie, but a freshly baked, homemade cookie that's soft, chewy, warm and loaded with melted chocolate chips.

We could whip up our favorite chocolate chip cookies, but that usually spells trouble with a capital T. A fresh-baked batch in our kitchen often means we turn into something frighteningly close to the cookie monster, without the cute blue fur. What's a person to do?

Cooking Classy has the solution for all of us cookie-eating fools who don't want to overindulge: bake just one single cookie. A giant one, obviously. And chocolate chip, too.

Photo credit: Cooking Classy

This glorious recipe means we can have our cookie AND eat just one because, well, there's no choice to go back for seconds. No need to test willpower and no need to waste the extra cookies that we can't fit in our stomachs. Win, win.

The single chocolate chip cookie takes only five minutes to whip up and 12 minutes to bake. The fact that it's seven inches in diameter means it's big enough to share -- but also reasonable enough to eat all by yourself.

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