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Single Dad Enlists The Melbourne Demons Football Club For The Ultimate Birthday Gift

This might just be the most heartwarming thing you see all day.

Adelaide resident Sam Arnold is a single dad to an adorable 5-year-old son named Sydney. He recently wrote to the Melbourne Demons Football Club with a tear-jerking predicament:

My name is Sam Arnold, I'm a 43-year-old lifetime supporter of the Melbourne Demons footy club. I was recently diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, blood cancer. I've been struggling with this illness for many years, having much chemotherapy, blood transfusions and a bone marrow transplant at the Royal Adelaide hospital. I'm also a single father to a 5-year-old boy named Sydney. Due to my health, I've been unable to work for some time, so I cannot afford even to buy a present for my son. I was wondering if the Melbourne footy club may be able to donate a kid's supporter pack for my son's sixth birthday. It would really mean a lot to both myself and my son during my recovery.

Check out the video above, courtesy of the Virgin Australia Film Festival, to see how the sports team responded. And just a warning -- you may want to have some tissues handy.

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