Single Daughters Take Wedding Photos With Dad Who Has Alzheimer's


For many women, being walked down the aisle by their father is one of the most important, anticipated moments of their lives. But for twins Sarah and Becca Duncan, it’s something they may never get to experience.

A few years back, their father, Scott Duncan, now 80, began exhibiting worrisome signs and, in 2013, the family received the devastating news that he has Alzheimer’s. 

“Mom noticed his forgetfulness, and he had difficulty paying the bills. He was always the one in charge of our finances,” Sarah Duncan, 23, of Grapevine, Texas, told the Star-Telegram.  

Aware that their time with their father might be limited, the sisters got the idea to stage a wedding photo shoot, though there are no wedding plans in the works, to make sure he’d get to be a part of their bridal memories no matter what.

They asked a family friend, photographer Lindsey Rabon, to capture the special moment. 

“I loved the idea from the second they pitched it,” Rabon told The Huffington Post. “This was definitely a first for me. I’ve worked with families who are dealing with terminal illness, but this idea was so creative and unique and definitely something the girls will treasure for a long time.”

Wearing beautiful bridal gowns that were donated, Sarah and Becca got to experience their “wedding day” joy with their father.

Rabon says Scott wasn’t totally sure what was going on, but they managed to get some smiles from him.

“It was extremely emotional. I was impressed with the girls’ ability to stay strong and enjoy the moment,” she said. “The meaning behind these images is so powerful, how could you not be impacted by them?”




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