12 Reasons It's Absolutely Great To Be Single During The Holidays

Today's culture would have you believe that it's absolutely essential to have a significant other to celebrate the holidays. After all, no one wants to spend this dreadfully cold and oh-so-cheerful season alone. But we're here to challenge that notion.

When you think about it, there are just so many great reasons why being single during the holidays is the way to go. Instead of being ashamed of your single status, CELEBRATE IT. Here are 12 reasons why it's absolutely positively wonderful to celebrate the holiday season solo.

1. You might be single, but you won't be alone.


Did you know that the holiday season is the biggest time for breakups? It's true. When a couple London-based designers scanned 10,000 Facebook status updates for breakups over one year, they found two major peaks in breakup frequency. Spring break came in at number one (we're not surprised) and number two turned out to be the couple weeks before Christmas. (It should be noted that the fewest breakups of the year seem to happen exactly on Christmas Day. We're not that heartless.)

2. You save a lot of money.

Having a significant other adds up. Aside from holiday presents, you have to count travel costs to go visit their families. Wouldn't you rather spend that money on the purse you've been lusting after all year? Or how about that Xbox One? Yeah, that's what we thought. Treat yo'self.

3. You don't have to stress out about finding anybody the "perfect gift."

gift giving

Selecting a present for a significant other is one of the most stressful things ever. Your selection serves as an indicator for how much you really know about them, how much you really care about the relationship, and how much you really pay attention. This year, you get to sit back and quietly laugh at all your friends as they panic about getting that very important gift.

4. No one will embarrass you in front of anyone else.

There are three levels of embarrassment here: Your significant other embarrassing you in front of your friends/coworkers, your significant other embarrassing you in front of your family, and your family embarrassing you in front of your significant other. Thankfully, lucky single one, you can completely avoid being caught in this horrible trifecta of humiliation this year.

5. You get to avoid all those annoying "serious" questions.

gift giving

"So... when are you guys going to tie the knot?" or "When are you thinking of making us grandparents?" are two of the most cringe-inducing questions every couple faces during the holidays. This year, no one will ask you such horrid questions. Rejoice!

6. You don't have to babysit anyone at parties.

There's nothing more uncomfortable or annoying than bringing someone to a company party who knows absolutely no one. You feel bad when you start gossiping about that annoying coworker with your work friend. Then you feel even worse when, after twenty minutes of talking, you find your significant other alone sulking in the corner downing his or her drink. You know this night is going to end up in a fight.

7. You can meet all sorts of new people!

Being single at holiday parties is way more exciting because you get to meet all kinds of new and engaging people, without having to worry about being too flirty, or ignoring your significant other! And you might even meet someone new to date.

8. You can devote all your time to family and friends.


Face it, these are the people who are really going to be there for you when you and your significant other break up in a few months, anyways. These are the most important people in your life. Use this holiday time wisely by making sure they still have plenty of reasons to care about you when January rolls around.

9. You won't have to look back at awkward holiday couple pictures.

It's already bad enough having to look back at regular photos of you and your ex, but if you are dating someone during the holidays, one day you're going to have to dig up some very humiliating pictures of you and your (perhaps former) lover posing in the awkwardest of holiday settings.

10. You can go on vacation by yourself.

J Law

Haven't you ever wanted to visit Venice in winter? Now's the time! Single travel is up, according to reports, so chances are you'll be in good company. Maybe you'll meet some new friends at a hostel, or just score some time away from friends and family after realizing that spending the entire month of December with them was a little ambitious. Should you ask for a copy of "Eat, Pray, Love" this Christmas? Maybe...

11. You won't put on so much holiday weight.

holiday cookies eaten

Apparently, people in relationships are so happily complacent that they tend to pack on a few, because, really, who do they need to impress? Meanwhile, single people tend to maintain better eating and exercise habits. Think about that when you're surrounded by sugar cookies and gingerbread men this season. Your friends in relationships may look so adorable stuffing food into each other's faces, but are they really even hungry, or is that just some weird couples feeding ritual?

12. You can chill out and do what you want.

You're a party of one, only responsible for yourself. Do you want to go out for drinks with an ex-high school boyfriend or girlfriend? Go for it. Do you want to spend an entire afternoon window-shopping at expensive boutiques or inventing a new board game? The day is yours! You do you.

You know the truth...



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