31 Heartwarming Single Mom Selfies That Deserve All The 'Likes'

Mama stays in the picture!

The next time you come across a single mom’s selfie with her kids, go ahead and press that “like” button: As writer Jessica Ashley explained in a HuffPost blog a few years back, if single parents didn’t take selfies with their kids, they’d have very few pics together as a family.

“Selfies, taken with the camera or phone held high above us at impossible angles or dangling precariously while we are jumping in the ocean or peering off the balcony, are the way my son and I both are shown living the moments we share,” Ashley wrote.

Single parents need to take selfies in order to document their memories with their kiddos.

“It’s critical for us to put ourselves front and center, to position to our best side and to stay in frame,” she added.

With Ashley’s heartwarming essay in mind ― and because Mother’s Day is just around the corner ― we decided to ask HuffPost readers to share their #singlemamaselfies. See some of the sweetest pics below.

Ashley Swan/Facebook
"This is my absolute favorite picture, out of the thousands I have. I took it on my first Mother's Day. This year will be my third. I wouldn't have us any other way!" -- Ashley Swan
Coral Cope/Facebook
"I'm a single mom of four, including a set of twins. Here I am trying to take a true selfie to see my new lipstick color and as you can see they're never far away! But hey, you have to laugh, to make it through the tough times!" -- Coral Cope
Del Prieto/Facebook
"I'm so lucky to have this kid. I have a broken foot and he washed the dishes for me and helps me out, without me even asking. We have to do twice the work and it so damn hard but ultimately it is all worth it at the end." --Del Prieto
Natalie Osburn/Facebook
"I've been taking single mom selfies for a while, from the days of using a timer on my actual camera when he was a baby, to today, when I'm a professional at the camera phone. Love my little man." -- Natalie Osburn
Kai Lene/Facebook
"These two are my sunshine, my heart and soul and the loves of my life." -- Kai Lene
Jen Smith/Facebook
"I couldn't choose just one! #singlemamaselfies are a regular in our home since there's no one else here to document the crazy that is single momming two boys under the age of three." --Jen Smith
Amanda Masters/Facebook
"Camping with my Cub Scouts." -- Amanda Masters
Shira Boyle/Facebook
"Last Mother's Day. Selfie on a hike with my now three year old." -- Shira Boyle
Dina Gallo/Facebook
"Wouldn't trade them for anything in the world!" -- Dina Gallo
Emily Nicole Price/Facebook
"Me and my teenage babygirl, Bella." -- Emily Nicole Price
Lisa Fortney/Facebook
"My three-year-old son and I on an adventure to see the Dinosaur Zoo. We do everything together. He's my best friend." -- Lisa Fortney
Tomomi Shimomura/Facebook
"Our recent trip to NYC! Wish my arms were longer so I can do better selfies (hah!) but I'm very short!" -- Tomomi Shimomura
Maureen Nagg/Facebook
"Me, Theo and Lydia. Hard to get them to sit still and smile sans binky!" -- Maureen Nagg
Amy Kathleen Nordmeyer/Facebook
"This is one of my favorite #singlemamaselfies! It was taken at a Dodgers game when they played the Phillies. How often do three die-hard Dodgers fans who live in Virginia get to see the Dodgers play? I love my sons." -- Amy Kathleen Nordmeyer
Ashley McDonald/Facebook
"This photo was a few years ago now but still my favorite. I'v always felt sad we never get a natural photo together but I love the way my son is looking at me in this photo." -- Ashley McDonald
Sonali Patel/Facebook
"Me and my babe. She's my everything." -- Sonali Patel
Lorinda Van Maanen/Facebook
"Celebrating our November birthdays at Disney on Ice!" -- Lorinda Van Maanen
Jessica Inman/Facebook
"Me and my Wy." -- Jessica Inman
Kim Cook/Facebook
"An old queen raising a new king, though he's 10 and hates taking pics now lol." -- Kim Cook
Amanda Rocks/Facebook
"Here's my little babe and me sharing a sweet moment, sleeping in on a Saturday. Hats off to all you brave and beautiful single mamas." -- Amanda Rocks
Lissette Ayala/Facebook
"There is always one not looking! At a Phillies game with Liam and Kemmy. I'm surprised they did well and lasted the whole game!" -- Lissette Ayala
Jessie Cohen/Facebook
"When she wants to get the matching dresses. ❤️" -- Jessie Cohen
O'Kemi Drummer/Facebook
"With my kids!" -- O'Kemi Drummer
Stefanie Dahlstrom/Facebook
"Stuck in the best way!" -- Stefanie Dahlstrom
Lindsay Renfro/Facebook
"Raking leaves last fall with my son Will, age 5, in Rochester, MN." -- Lindsay Renfro
Sarah Watt/Facebook
"My daughter likes taking pictures with me. My son? Not so much." -- Sarah Watt
Rochelle Col-long/Facebook
"He is and will forever be my baby. He was the answer to my prayer of having a 'purpose in life.'" -- Rochelle Col-long
Orchid Katy/Facebook
"Early morning hot cocoa and coffee. This sweet boy and me have been always been a team. He is my whole heart!" -- Orchid Katy
Valerie Lord/Facebook
"My handsome boys, Isaiah and River." -- Valerie Lord
Marcy Sunshine Madson/Facebook
"Camping with my mini-me's." -- Marcy Sunshine Madson
Jennifer Thompson/Facebook
"Our first family vacation!" -- Jennifer Thompson