Single Moms React To Ted Cruz: 'Out Of Touch,' 'Offensive,' 'Insulting' (VIDEO)

Judging from Ted Cruz's 21-hour speech on the Senate floor this week, it appears that every single mother he has ever met works as a diner waitress.

HuffPost Live invited single moms to respond to the Texas Republican and got dozens of emails from single mothers from all walks of professional life. Two of those moms joined HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd Friday, blasting Cruz as "out of touch" and calling his comments "offensive" and "insulting."

"We are teachers. We work at universities. I work at a university. I have a Ph.D. This is just an example of Cruz's lack of understanding of America," single mother and social worker Charmaine Brittain said. "To try to use the plight of single moms and to say that we work in diners, I think it's just another example of how he plays to the cameras and is not in touch with the reality of what working people are going through."

"It's insulting, quite frankly, to be just put in a category that we're all working in diners," Made-in-Italy.com Managing Editor (and single mom) Danielle Pollack -- who waited tables in college before becoming a mother -- said. "Some of us do work in diners, but we're not all doing that. And it's offensive."

Pollack added that single moms should feel "used" by Cruz, and said that if "[Cruz] and his party were really interested in [single mom's needs," they wouldn't cut food stamps or early education programs like Head Start.



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