Single Parents Share The Best Things About Parenting Solo

The 30 Best Things About Being A Single Parent
Father giving son piggyback ride outdoors
Father giving son piggyback ride outdoors

Did you even know it was a holiday? In 1984, President Ronald Reagan officially designated March 21 as the day to acknowledge the hard work of single parents.

Though the day never received the same level of recognition as Mother's Day, or those other Hallmark card-endorsed holidays, we think it's high time it did. After all, there are nearly 14 million single parents doing double duty in the U.S. today.

To celebrate the holiday, we took a page from Kerri Zane and her blog post on the perks of being a single parent and asked our readers what they liked best about parenting solo.

Click through the slideshow below to see what they had to say, then head to the comments and share what you think is the best thing about single parenting.

The Best Thing About Being A Single Parent

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