Single-Payer Protest Interrupts Senate Health Care Bill Markup

Debate over the Senate Finance Committee health care bill was briefly interrupted on Tuesday by a protest in support of the one thing absolutely not under consideration -- a single-payer health care plan.

"We are speaking for single-payer ... good senators would vote for single payer. Please listen to what the people want," said one protester, wearing a lab coat with that said "Medicare For All" on the back. "Please give us Medicare for all." He said repeatedly that 80% of doctors want a single-payer system. (Polls suggest that about 60 percent of doctors support single-payer.) "Everyone should have health care, everyone deserves health care, it is a right.

"We came all the way from Kansas City to speak to you about single payer," one protester said. "Good senators, listen to us --"

The senators ignored the protesters, who were surrounded by Capitol police, and quickly adjourned for lunch.

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