Single? Pick a Valentine's Risk or Put on Your Thong and Start Training

Answer these two questions: Are there single people in your life that you find attractive? YES. Have you asked them all on dates? NO. And why haven't you asked these single people on dates? You hate rejection.
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Single? Want love? Can't find it? I know your biggest problem. You hate rejection.

Don't believe me? Answer these two questions: Are there single people in your life that you find attractive? YES. Have you asked them all on dates? NO. And why haven't you asked these single people on dates? You hate rejection.

I want to help you find love. I want to help you take action. If you crave connection more than you fear rejection, I've got a challenge for you.

Here's how it works: Choose one of the following risks to take this Valentine's Day. If the thought of taking a risk makes you want to vomit, skip to RISK #5. Otherwise, pick a risk and report back to me with your results.


Risk #1: Contact someone from your DISTANT past

Go back in time and think about the one that got away. Find him. Track her down. Use your NSA-inspired skills to locate this person of interest. Search Google (use quotes around the name), Bing, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can even go to This database combs through all public records. When you locate your target, send him or her a note. Keep it short and sweet. Wish this person a happy Valentine's Day. Nervous? Good.

Risk #2: Contact someone from your RECENT past

Go back a few months or years. Think about that special someone who still intrigues you. It could be a prospect you stopped pursuing or someone who stopped pursuing you. It could be a connection that ended one date too soon, a relationship that didn't happen because of bad timing, or an ex that you shouldn't have let get away. Track her down. Send him a short and simple note. Wish this person a happy Valentine's Day. Wait. I hear you making excuses already. STOP! What's the worst things that will happen?

Note: If you're prohibited by law from contacting this person, move on.

Risk #3: Contact someone in your EVERYDAY life

Expose yourself to that secret crush. Instead of getting naked, show your emotional card. Offer a gesture and share your feelings for a classmate, coworker, friend, or familiar stranger. Show this person you are thinking about him or her on Valentine's Day. Your gesture can include a rose, a card, candy, or a thoughtful conversation. Ask him what he's doing for Valentine's Day. Show her that you're interested in her personal life. Make it easy without being easy. Who knows? It might turn into a last minute Valentine's get together.

Risk #4: Make it easy for people to FIND YOU on Valentine's Day

Put yourself in places where other interesting, attractive, and dynamic singles can find you and participate in your awesomeness. Go to a dinner for single people, a Valentine's dance, a party, or sign up for a new or different online dating site. There are thousands of people at this very moment who want to meet you, date you, and love you. If you're hiding in your room eating ice cream and watching Valentine's porn (is there such a thing?), you're guaranteed to find no one. At the very least, organize a dinner with friends and encourage everyone to invite their cute and single friends to come along. Your job is to make it easy for people who crave love to find you.

Risk #5: Put on your thong and start training TODAY2014-02-12-bigstockRedhead43043068.jpg

If you can't say what you think and do what you feel this Valentine's Day, put on your metaphorical thong and look in the mirror. Figure out why it's so hard for you to take a risk. When you look in the mirror, put on your physical thong, emotional thong, and spiritual thong (and be sure to lock the door). Reflect and discover why you can't take risks and be vulnerable.

Are you afraid you're not attractive enough (physical thong)? Is it because you're not good enough (emotional thong)? Or could it be that you're not interesting enough (spiritual thong)? Once you identify what's hanging out of your thong, commit to changing what you don't love and work to tolerate what you can't change. Find people who can support, guide, and help you make these changes. Work to get comfortable with the uncomfortable so you can take risks and find love in time for Valentine's Day 2015 (or sooner)!

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