Single Review: “My Man,” Aja Volkman

Aja Volkman, the former vocalist of L.A.’s Nico Vega, is back with the debut of her solo album, scheduled to drop May 19. In anticipation of the album, she just dropped a single – “My Man.” And it’s a doozy!

A little history would probably help here. Nico Vega, an alternative rock trio, formed in 2005. The band quickly gained popularity and established a reputation for exciting live shows. Because of their talent and excitement, the band toured with Gavin Rossdale, Neon Trees, Metric, Blondie and Imagine Dragons. The band released five EPs and two studio albums.

In 2016, Nico Vega went on indefinite hiatus. After taking a break, Volkman is back with her solo album, Sandy.

“My Man” is a pop rock song, with a thick blues influence. Melodically, the song is simple; the melody driven by the piano and Volkman’s vocals. A short drum intro, followed by the piano and great background harmonies set the melody, which is delicate and catchy. The background harmonies, which recall Roy Orbison, not only provide a grand hook that pulls the listener in immediately, but also give the tune a 1960s sensibility, as the voices shimmer with “ooh la la.”

Volkman’s voice is not to be missed, as it spins out in logarithmic spirals that fit the song perfectly. There’s something gorgeously, almost nastily tight about her bluesy phrasing of the lyrics. It’s a breathless, hyper-feminine voice, something at once noun and verb. It’s one of those voices that you really want to listen to.

Once the song ends, be sure to continue listening. There’s a hard rocking snippet at the end, one totally antithetical to the music preceding it. It’s a nice, surprising touch to a bluesy love song. And it demonstrates that Volkman isn’t above having some fun.

If you’re familiar with Volkman’s work with Nico Vega, you’re aware she can belt it out with the best female rockers. She is definitely a bad-ass vocalist when the music calls for it. In other words, her range is astoundingly remarkable. She can go from the hyper-feminine vocals on “My Man” to a raging Medusa in the drop of a hat – the mark of a true Diva.

I suspect that “My Man” will receive lots of attention and beau coup radio play. It’s that good. And if the single is any indication of what to expect from the soon-to-drop album, then I can’t wait for it to drop.

Find out more about Aja Volkman here.

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