Single Use Restrooms in All Public Venues Must Be Made Unisex Because Not Doing So Is Stupid

I would like to enact the following policy immediately:

All public locations with single use restrooms will hereby remove their male and female signs immediately, thus making both restrooms unisex.

There is absolutely no reason for single use restrooms to differentiate between male and female occupants. Not only will this make restroom availability more equitable amongst men and women, but for transgender people, this will make life a hell of a lot easier in many places.

This does not solve all of the problems related to the struggles that transgender individuals face with larger, multi-use public restrooms, but it's a start. And frankly, it's something that should have been done long ago.

In fact, in some places, patrons have taken and stand and instituted this policy on their own. It is not uncommon for the female patrons at The Bitter End - a bar in New York where I frequently tell stories for The Moth - to simply begin using the single use men's room when the women's line is exceedingly long and the line to the men's room is nonexistent.

So do me a favor:

Go forth and help me enact this policy. Bring this message to restaurant owners, museums, Turkish baths, municipalities, and any other public venue that has single use restrooms. Tell the owners and managers of these locations about this new policy when you frequent their establishments.

This is one of those no-brainer, simple-to-accomplish acts that will improve the world in a small but significant way.