Singles Valentine's Day Celebration

This year, why not hold a party for all your single friends and their single friends. The idea being that every fantastically interesting single person you know knows a similarly fantastic single someone that you may not know.
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Photo Credit: Peter Bohler

Valentine's Day is made for lovers, isn't that what we are made to believe? With all the advertisements geared towards those that are already coupled it's hard to think Valentine's Day holds anything for those that are single. Yet, we beg to differ. While we are in the business of giving people the weddings of their dreams we are also in the business of making people's dreams come true. So, when Valentine's day rolls around we like to think of all the single ones out there and figure out how to play Cupid. After all, Valentine's Day could be the day someone meets the person of their dreams which, in turn, leads them to us.

This year, why not hold a party for all your single friends and their single friends. The idea being that every fantastically interesting single person you know knows a similarly fantastic single someone that you may not know. Why not get all of those fantastic singles in a room together and see what happens? Here's what we suggest:

Invite all of your single friends to your soiree. The pre-requisite is that they must bring a guest, someone else that is single and not part of your regular circle of friends. This is about expanding the circle and meeting new people, meeting that potential "someone." We suggest you tell you friends and have them tell their single friends the purpose of the party so no one is surprised.

Photo Credit: Peter Bohler

Details details details! Try infusing your party with chocolate touches such as a chocolate menu, chocolate roses or chocolate as art.

We love a signature drink and having one available as guests enter could help loosen up everyone's nerves and give them something to do with their hands (instead of shoving them in their pockets). We see nothing wrong with a little liquid courage right from the get go. In addition, we recommend setting up a self serve bar for guests. Guaranteed people will be frequenting the bar as the night goes on, so why not make it a mingling spot. Set out a few types of alcohol, wine and beer and let guests fend for themselves.

Photo Credit: Peter Bohler

Don't serve anything too fussy, too messy or too garlicky. Small finger foods are ideal at a party like this. People aren't going to want to be eating tons if they are there to mingle. Make it easy for them to eat a little something while also meandering the party.

Keep the music loung-ey but high energy. We suggest creating a playlist that starts of with some nice lounge, cocktail music and slowly ramps up to some high-energy dance music about three quarters of the way in to the party. By then people will have had a few drinks, met some new dance partners and may be ready to show off their moves.

You will need to have some seats for people to sit but we don't recommend having extensive seating. This party is about keeping people talking and mingling. Sometimes when people get nervous they tend to "clique" together and seating makes this much easier to do. Create an open space for people to walk around that will lend itself to some dancing later in the night.

Photo Credit: Peter Bohler

Don't do anything too contrived but don't dismiss the power of a few low-key games to really help people get to know each other. If your group isn't really in to games we recommend at least asking everyone to make introductions. The people that you invited should introduce their guests to others they know in the room. This allows people to feel instantly more comfortable. If you do think a game or two couldn't hurt, we suggest the following:

1. The "honey, I love you" game. This is great icebreaker and fun to play. It's usually done in a circle but for a single's party we like to mix it up. As the host of the party, when guests enter explain the rules so that everyone has an idea of what is going on. One person goes up to another person and says: "Honey I love you, won't you give me a smile?" The person who was asked the question has to answer back "Honey I love you, but I just can't smile" (without smiling.) The person asking the question can do anything to make the other person smile except touch them. If the person being asked the question doesn't smile they must ask the question back to the original asker. If the person being asked does smile they must introduce themselves and ask the person that made them smile a question. It's a great, silly way to initiate conversation and a good, immediate test to see if there is chemistry.

2. Place conversation cards around the room and ask people when the arrive to try and use as many cards in the room as possible. Make it a fun challenge.

There you have it, a fun way to be single on Valentine's Day! Enjoy and have fun with it!