Sink Into Soul With AM!R's 'Dirty Whispers' Remixed by JNTHN STEIN

As the funk and soul revival continues, New York based singer-songwriter-producer AM!R follows up his 2016 debut EP FuturePunkSoul with a sexy JNTHN STEIN remix of the single "Dirty Whispers." Having collaborated with artists such as Sia and Panic! At the Disco, AM!R emerges as a solo artist with falsetto imbued indie ballads that are silky smooth and twice as tantalizing.

A velvety blend of future soul and gyrating R&B that is peppered with funk, AM!R's sound is ideal for both the dancefloor and the bedroom. His music possesses a sexual honesty that bleeds from the speakers in tracks such as "Design" and "Junky." So rich that it is almost sinful, AM!R’s music is the dessert platter at the sonic buffet.

JNTHN STEIN offers his own tasty take on AM!R's "Dirty Whispers" with a swelling bassline that undulates between your ears. Heavy, hard-hitting and mysterious, the remix retains the bones of the original track but massages the flesh a little through sweeping electronic melodies. The soundscape flows in languid waves allowing the listener to let time slip away for three minutes and 52 seconds. With his syrupy EP and “Dirty Whispers” remix, AM!R is off to a solid start where the only thing that will stop him is if he stops making music.

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