Sir Peter Blake on Pop Culture and Wrestling (VIDEO)

Defined as the 'Andy before Warhol', Sir Peter Blake is an icon in pop-art. While he's best known for designing the cover for The Beatles' album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, he prefers to talk about wrestling and the meticulousness that goes into his collage works and colourful paintings. chats to the artist in his converted Art-bus - a mobile art gallery, whilst his favourite 60's pop music resonates in the background.

Fascinated by popular culture, Peter Blake caught a particular fascination for wrestling. Dreaming of portraying a master of the trade, Blake appeared in an extraordinary BBC documentary on British wrestling champion Kendo Nagasaki in the early nineties. When trying to merge popular culture with wrestling, we could not hold back asking who Blake would challenge to a match if he could choose any modern-day celebrity. His answer was short and to the point - Kate Moss. The reason was left to guessing.

Peter Blake is a master of precision, a unique craftsman within fine art. It is remarkable how his 'Homage to Damien Hirst'--exhibited at the GX Gallery in London--and most of his previous collage work, is carefully constructed out of perfect cut-outs. While modern-day laser cutting replaces a much neglected hand-precision, Blake excels, using nothing but a cutting knife and scissors, to whirl around the delicate contours of something as delicate as a 3mm-sized hand.

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