Rush Limbaugh-Sandra Fluke Controversy, Take Two: Sir Richard's Condoms' 'Sluts Unite' Campaign

Condom Company Loves Sluts

A public service campaign that disses Rush Limbaugh and sells safe sex hopes to cause a sensation. Sir Richard's Condoms has conceived a "Sluts Unite" website and social media drive to promote healthy nookie while mocking Limbaugh's infamous "slut" insult of law student Sandra Fluke.

The campaign calls on supporters to choose from a menu of social media avatars such as "I Believe In Slut" and "Pro-Slut."

Sir Richard's (we love the knighted touch), a small business based in Boulder, Colo., also came up with an oath. It's not as easy to remember as the Pledge of Allegiance, but it'll do:

"I believe that sex represents more than just the creation of children.
I believe it is an enjoyable, healthy and a profound part of the human experience.
I also believe that the responsible use of birth control is an essential component of a mature, civilized society.
And if these beliefs make me a slut in some people’s eyes, then so be it."

Sir Richard's, which donates a condom for every one it sells, has become the latest company to embrace so-called "conscious consumerism".

Among other companies combining social activism and advertising are Tom's Shoes, which donates a pair of slip-ons for every pair it sells, and SunNight Solar, which reportedly has donated more than 300,000 solar-powered torches to areas such as Haiti and Gaza.

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