Listen To Siri's Great Answer If You Ask About People With Disabilities

Good job, Apple.
Cerebral Palsy Foundation

If you grab your iPhone and ask Siri how to start a conversation with someone who has a disability, the digital assistant will tell you: "It's easy. Just say 'Hi.'"

Apple and the Cerebral Palsy Foundation spotlight that interaction in a new public service announcement released Tuesday. In it, Apple CEO Tim Cook trumpets his company's commitment to "inclusion" and "diversity."

"And that includes people with disabilities," Cook says in the video.

In truth, Apple still struggles a bit on the diversity front, but Cook, at least, has frequently discussed the problem and his intent to fix it.

The PSA, part of a larger campaign from the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, aims "to help address the unnecessary hesitation some people feel around disabilities." Celebrities like Gayle King, Michael J. Fox and John Oliver have also appeared in "Just Say Hi" videos -- and you can watch them all via an iOS app.

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