Siri vs. Google Voice Experiment: What Happens When Siri And Google Voice Talk To Each Other?

A Hilarious Conversation Between Siri And Google Voice

What happens when two of the most popular digital voices speak to each other? A whole lot of confusion, that's what. Artist Michael Silber wanted to put both Siri and Google Voice to the test, so he had the two applications talk to each other and saw what happened. Here is the way he described his process:

1. I recorded the audio of Siri reading a selection of text.
2. I placed a call to myself and played the Siri audio
recording into my Google Voice voicemail.
3. I instructed Siri to read the new Google Voice transcription,
including any errors and recorded a new audio clip.
4. I placed a call to myself and played the new Siri audio
recording back into my Google Voice voicemail.

Silber repeated the process 10 times for this video, and 50 times for another one. Spoiler alert: By the time Silber gets into the 40s, Siri and Google Voice are no longer forming coherent sentences. The project was part of Silber's Pratt Institute Graduate Communications Design thesis, entitled "Digital Humor Theory."

We all know that Siri isn't the best, and we know that Google Voice certainly isn't perfect either. When they're combined, though, it just becomes ridiculous. With all of these mix-ups and the apparent obsession with castration, maybe computers won't be taking our jobs as quickly as we once thought.

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