'Sister Wives' Talk Gay Marriage, Mormon Mitt Romney

'Sister Wives' Talks Politics

The hit TLC show, “Sister Wives,” returns Sunday and this season Kody, his four wives and their 17 children are living in Sin City. But don't worry, they're not a judgmental bunch and plan on only spreading open-mindedness in their new scandalous setting.

“I love 'Will & Grace,'” wife Janelle confesses. “I think any time you talk about something and open it up, and show it’s not the big boogie man in the closet everyone thought it was, it helps.”

The “Sister Wives" family members are vocal about their support for gay marriage, saying it would be impossible to ask you not to judge their lifestyle if they judged others.

“I think we should be able to marry who we love,” Christine says. “As a Christian, I believe it is my duty, responsibility and desire to love everybody regardless of their choices. I don’t know how I could raise my children in this world without raising them open-minded and if I want my children to be open-minded, then I have to be open-minded as well.”

Admitting that they initially were shocked at the amount of attention they have received, the family members are now enjoying the success, even penning a book, “Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage,” to offer further insight into how they live.

“It would have been safe if we had never gone public, but I took the view that the danger of the stereotypes perpetuated by other sects or other religions of people who lived polygamist lifestyles would [live on] through me and I would be judged by that,” says Kody. “That was the single reason we, as a family, decided to go public, because there is nobody being controlled here.”

Insisting that they are not Mormons, but rather fundamentalist Mormons, the family knows there's an even brighter spotlight now that Mitt Romney is running for president.

“If you make the comparison between me at Mitt Romney, you will find the same roots but completely different religions," Kody explains.

“We should vote based on who we think does the best job regardless of race, color, creed, sexual orientation, religion,” adds Janelle. “It doesn’t matter. We should vote for the person who we think does the best job.”

"Sister Wives" airs at 9 EDT Sunday on TLC.

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