Sisterhood Is the Foundation of Black Girls Rock!


"Sisterhood is a largely untapped force, a kinship so strong it can threaten
the status quo." Black Girls Guide: How to Be a Sister

I can't sing enough praises for what Black Girls Rock! has given all of us in their work to empower and mentor Black girls. I am particularly excited about their growing influence on the portrayal of women and girls of African descent in media. By doing so, the organization's impact is expanded. Millions will watch the Black Girls Rock! Awards on April 5, 2015. They honor Black womanhood by:

1. Filling a void by publicly recognizing the achievements of Black women and girls
2. Raising consciousness that elevates the social position of Black women and girls
3. Being inclusive and not operating in a vacuum
4. Providing unconditional love and acceptance in the spirit of sisterhood
5. Creating a movement to empower women and girls of African descent

There are many elements that make Black Girls Rock! an outstanding organization. However, I believe the foundation of their success is in its sisterhood. Black Girls Rock! provides a clear blueprint for loving and honoring each other as sisters of the African Diaspora. Sisterhood activities like this encourage us to build upon our shared heritage of cultural values, including, but not limited to, honoring our ancestors and elders, acting as agents of social change, and sharing our special gifts.

"Everyone needs someone in their lives who pushes them to the next level."
Beverly Bond, Founder, Black Girls Rock!

Black Girls Rock! is inter-generational mentoring and empowerment at its best. Put simply, Black Girls Rock! empowers because sisterhood empowers. Defined by Sisterhood Agenda, this sisterhood empowerment model puts sisterhood first and also includes self-knowledge, self-development, and self-esteem.

"Sisterhood is a powerful force for positive social change. The spirit of sisterhood must be a part of any women's empowerment movement."
Angela D. Coleman, Founder, Sisterhood Agenda

When we talk about women's empowerment, we should not be confused by superficial representations of entertainment, beauty, and fashion. Authentic empowerment guides, heals, and transforms. It helps the masses rise to the occasion by instilling knowledge, self-awareness, and hope. Empowerment is a process by which people, organizations, and communities gain mastery over issues of concern to them. This is how Black Girls Rock! transforms. More than an organization or awards show, it is a movement with direct impact on how we think about Black women and girls.

Movements are defined as prevalent thinking and widespread action that results in long-lasting, often permanent positive social change. There can be no women's empowerment movement without sisterhood: to make a lasting impact on the whole, we must lovingly acknowledge, recognize, uplift, and learn from each other.

Beverly Bond, founder of Black Girls Rock! clearly understands this concept and it is a beautiful sight to behold. Many are called but the chosen are few--they are the leaders within the sisterhood movement. With sisterhood, we can manifest this reality of empowered femininity within our communities.

Sisterhood Agenda's global network includes over 5 million sisters and over 3,500 sisterhood agencies in 34 countries. Black Girls Rock! puts Sisterhood on the Agenda and you can, too-join today.