Little Girls' Adorable Reaction To Baby Gender Reveal Captured On Camera

Giuliana and Grace had totally different takes on the matter.

When photographer Heidi Guerard and her husband Shaun learned the sex of their third child, the couple decided to reveal the news to their two young daughters with cupcakes.

In the video above, the girls -- Giuliana and her younger sister, Grace -- were told to cut open the sweet treats. If the cream inside was blue, that meant the baby was a boy. If the cream was pink, then the baby was a girl.

An excited Giuliana promptly ripped her cupcake open, revealing bright blue filling.

“It’s a boy!” she exclaimed.

Her sister Grace, however, was not impressed, first refusing to open her cupcake, then becoming distraught over the news.

“Oh no, I wanted pink!” she whined.

The adorable video of the sisters’ reaction was originally posted to YouTube in 2015, but it experienced a viral resurgence this week.

According to Gerard, the girls’ brother, Grant Domenic, is now 6 months old.

Fortunately, Grace came to terms with her new sibling:

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