Sitting: 6 New Reasons It's Bad For Your Health

Take A Walk! 6 New Reasons Not To Sit All Day

Consensus is not always an easy thing to come by in the health and wellness worlds, but if there's one topic that inspires seemingly little debate, it is sitting. As in, on your duff. And how it's not great for us, health-wise.

Which is why after a year of robust research on the potential health consequences of sitting too much, we've compiled a list of the latest and greatest reasons why the chair -- at least when inhabited for long periods of time -- may not be your friend.

Of course, we understand that for many, ditching that seated pose is not an option. (Really. We're desk-bound over here, too. We get it.) But as HuffPost blogger Ana Forrest -- author of "Fierce Medicine: Breakthrough Practices to Heal the Body and Ignite the Spirit" -- points out, there are easy things you can do to help your body while you work, like spinal twists and shoulder shrugs.

Better yet? Click through our list, then give yourself permission to take a quick break, get up and get moving. It's for your health -- and your sanity.

It Ups Diabetes Risk

6 Reasons Why Sitting Is Bad For Health

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