Six Days To Air: 'South Park' Documentary Details Trey Parker & Matt Stone's Creative Process (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'South Park' Doc Reveals Matt & Trey's Genius

Some people believe that God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. To think, in all that time he could have just created an episode of "South Park" instead.

We're not saying Trey Parker and Matt Stone are gods, per se, but a new documentary about them from Comedy Central shows they can churn out Emmy-winning episodes from scratch in the same amount time it took to make creation.

And they're pretty funny, too.

The new doc, appropriately titled "Six Days To Air" premiered Sunday Oct. 9. but if you missed it you can watch the trailer as well as several highlights below. In it, Comedy Central goes behind the scenes of "South Park"'s unique writing and animation process in the wake of Parker and Stone's incredibly successful Broadway show, "The Book Of Mormon."

The guys have come a long way since "South Park"'s construction paper start 15 seasons ago, but the show remains a comedy staple, having not changed much (except the construction paper part) and anyone can imagine that that can get tiring. This year's mid-season finale, "You're Getting Old," showed a much more cynical side of Trey and Matt via their doppelgangers Stan and Kyle, and prompted many fans to think the show might be coming to an end -- making now the ideal time to show what goes on behind the scenes of "South Park."

As the doc shows the various ups and downs of starting a show literally from scratch every week, longtime fans might be surprised to find out how little Parker and Stone know about their next episode, sometimes even just a couple days before it airs. Because the guys voice most of the characters (with some help from SNL's Bill Hader, as you'll see below) and the production team does everything in-house, Parker and Stone are able to make changes to the plot, characters and animation up until the last minute. And when you pride yourself on parodying topical issues such as immigration (the subject of tonight's episode), having that extra time to tweak the script is imperative.

Hear more about Parker and Stone's speedy creative process and more in highlights from "Six Days To Air" below, and click here to learn more about the making of "South Park" in a special "60 Minutes" segment from last month.

"South Park" airs Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. EST on Comedy Central

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