Meet Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner's Six New Appointees

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has officially taken the oath of office and assumed responsibility for the leadership of the state for the next four years. But he'll have some help from his staff, cabinet members and advisors.

Here are six of Rauner's cabinet appointments, who will help guide policy in each of their respective areas of state government:

-Randy Blankenhorn
Secretary - Illinois Department of Transportation

· Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, Executive Director 2006 - Present)
· Illinois Department of Transportation, Bureau Chief of Urban Program Planning (1984 to 2006)
· Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (1984)
o Assistant to the Director
o Assistant Legislative Liaison
· Illinois Secretary of State, Assistant to the Director - Dept. of Personnel (1981-1984)
· Illinois Department of Personnel (1980-1981)
o Assistant to the Director
o Assistant to Deputy Director

· Illinois State University, B.S. Business Administration (1980)

Personal Information:
· Age: 56
· Hometown: Chicago

-James Meeks
Chairman - State Board of Education

· Salem Baptist Church, Pastor (1985-Present)
· Illinois State Senator, 15th District (2003-2013)

· Bishop College, B.A. Religion & Philosophy

Personal Information:
· Age: 59
· Hometown: Chicago

-Jeff Mays
Director - Illinois Department of Employment Security

· Illinois Business Roundtable, President (1998-Present)
· Illinois State Chamber of Commerce
o Executive Vice President (1997-1998)
o Vice President of Human Resources (1993-1997)
· U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Special Assistant to the Regional Administrator (1990-1992)
· Illinois House of Representatives, 96th District (1981-1990)
o Chief House Sponsor of all Executive Agency Appropriations and lead House Republican Conferee to all budget conference committees.
o House Legislative Audit Commission, Co-Chair
o House Labor and Commerce Committee
o House Executive Committee
o House Select Committee on Veterans' Affairs
o House Financial Institutions Committee
· Mississippi Valley Canteen, Vice President & COO (1974-1981)

Leadership positions:
· Quincy Public School Board, Vie President (2007-Present)

· Northwestern University, B.A. History and Economics (1974)

Personal Information:
· Age: 62
· Hometown: Quincy

-John Maki
Executive Director - Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority

· John Howard Association of Illinois, Executive and Coordinating Director (2010 - Present)
· Adjunct Professor, Loyola University of Chicago (2009 & 2014)
· New Media Consultant for Center on Wrongful Convictions, Northwestern Univ. School of Law; Michigan Innocence Clinic, Univ. of Mich. School of Law; and Wisconsin Innocence Project, Univ. of Wisconsin School of Law (2008-2010)
· Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, New Media Specialist & Organizer (2006-2008)
· Francis W. Parker School, Teacher (2003-2006)

Leadership positions:
· St. Leonard's Ministries, Board Member
· Salvation Army Correctional Services Program Advisory Council, Board Member
· Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, Board Member

· Public Citizen of the Year, National Association of Social Workers - Illinois Chapter

· Loyola University of Chicago School of Law, J.D. (2009)
· University of Chicago, M.A. in English (2002)
· Whittier College, B.A. in English & Philosophy (1998)

Personal Information:
· Age: 39
· Hometown: Chicago

-Edward McMillan
Member - University of Illinois Board of Trustees

· University of Illinois Board of Trustees, Member (2009-2015)
· McMillian LLC, Principal and CEO (1999-Present)
· Concord Partners, LLC (1999)
· Agri Business Group, Inc. (1997-1999)
· Purdue University, School of Agriculture (1996-1997)
· University of Illinois, College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (1996-1997)
· Purina Mills Inc., President, CEO and Director (1993-1996)
· British Petroleum-Purina Mills Inc.
o President & CEO (1988-1993)
o Vice President - Marketing & Product Research (1986-1987)
· Ralston Purina Company - Purina Mills Inc.
o Vice President, Diversified Business (1985-1986)
o Vice President, Business Development (1983-1985)
o Vice President, Marketing (1979-1983)
o Product Group Director, Hog (1975-1979)
o Regional Marketing Manger, Central Region (1973-1975)
o Field Sales (1969-1973)

Membership Organizations, Leadership Organizations, Awards:
· University of Illinois Research Park, LLC, Board of Mangers - Chairman
· Southwestern Illinois Development Authority, Board of Directors
· Balchem Corporation, Board of Directors
· NutraCea, Inc., Board of Directors

· University of Illinois, Agricultural Science (1969)

Personal Information:
· Age: 68
· Hometown: Greenville

-Candice Jones
Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice

· Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice, Director (2014-Present)
· Governor's Office of Budget Management, Associate Director (2013-2014)
· White House Fellows Program (2012-2013)
· Department of Human Services - Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission, Executive Director (2012)
· The MacArthur Foundation, Program Officer (2008-2012)
· Barack, Ferrazzano, Kirshbaum & Nagelberg, Associate (Summer 2006, 2007-2008)

Volunteer Experience:
· First Defense Legal Aid (2009-Present)
· Lil' Sis Expo Chicago (2010-Present)

· New York University School of Law, J.D. (2007)
· Washington University in St. Louis, B.A. African and African-American Studies, and Political Science (2001)

Personal Information:
· Age: 35
· Hometown: Chicago

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