Six New Year’s Health Resolutions You Can Make and Keep: Dr. Cary’s Tips

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New Years 2017 is here and time to make some healthy living resolutions you can make and keep. Most people make resolutions and never keep them. But these resolutions can lengthen your life and keep you happier. And they are easy.

Dr. Cary’s 6 tips for New Year 2017 Resolutions:

· Have health insurance all the time. If you do not have health insurance, call a health insurance broker and see my website and book Surviving American Medicine for how to get a good insurance for you.

· Have a primary doctor. This should be one you can understand, who gives you enough time to answer all your questions, and who answers your phone calls or emails. If you don’t have the right doctor for you, see my website and book Surviving American Medicine for how to grade your doctor and how to find another better one if your doctor fails the test.

· Make an appointment to see your doctor for a health and disease-screening checkup (and to address any symptom you might have).

· Make a list to ask about each of these issues, write them down, take the list with you, show the list to the doctor, and get answers to all of them: your diet, any pain or discomfort, any fatigue, any stress (or depression or anxiety), how much exercise you get, how well you sleep, your sexual orientation and any sexual problems you might have, any memory or thinking problems, your lifestyle (including honestly smoking drug abuse, alcohol intake), your diet, how compliant you are with medications, and a list of any over-the-counter pills you take.

· Ask your doctor what major illnesses you might be at risk for: include heart disease, high blood pressure, lung disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, memory loss, intestinal problems.

· Ask your doctor what screening tests you should have.

This New Year is the right time to plan for decades of healthier, happier and more satisfying living. Complete these simple resolutions now and “make your body great again!”

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