Six Office Supply Essentials for Your Business

Six Office Supply Essentials for Your Business
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There are many different office supplies you will need for your business if you want to be successful. When you think of office supplies you might think of just computers or printers, and other basic supplies. That is a good start, but that is not all of the office supplies that you will need in order to be effective. If you have a business, continue reading to find out what office supply essentials you need to pick up.

Organizational Supplies

One of the most essential office supplies for your business includes organizational supplies. Organizational supplies include file folders, regular folders, binder clips, staples, and paper clips. You might think that storing information just on your computer is the way to go, and that is just simply not true. You might not realize that there are many papers you will need to organize as part of your business as well. You want to stock up on organizational supplies of all kinds so that you are never out of what you need to keep your business as organized as possible.

Computer Software

If you have a business, you might also want to consider getting a variety of computer software programs. You are going to need software such as inventory management software and accounting software. You will also need a professional antivirus program, a Word program, and even contact management software. Do not underestimate the need for e-commerce software and website building software as well, as these are all essential for developing and branding your business. You will need to ensure that all computer software you get will work with the type of computer setup you have in your business too.

Office Furniture

It is essential that you also have a variety of office furniture as well for your business. You will need a nice chair, a computer desk, and floor mats. Having the right ergonomic chair has shown in studies to boost productivity by up to 17.5%. You will need to look into storage cabinets as well as various shelves and bookcases. You will need a variety of lighting options, such as incandescent lighting and fluorescent lighting.

Paper Shredder

While you might not think about it, a paper shredder is an essential office supply for any business. You will get a lot of papers that have personal information on it in your office. Examples of personal information you will come across include social security numbers or banking and financial numbers. In order to keep yourself, employees, and others safe from theft or fraud, you need to shred these documents after you are done with them. It is good to buy a decent paper shredder too, because if you buy a cheap one it will likely clog up and break before you get too much use out of it.

Mailing Supplies

Running a business will require you send out documents, including payroll and legal forms you will need to sign. This is why it is important to keep a lot of mailing supplies on hand because you will always need to mail something. You want to keep envelopes including manila and both the closed and open window types. You will also need a lot of stamps, which can easily get lost in your office, so you want to buy a couple big rolls of stamps. It also does not hurt to throw in a digital scale to weigh items depending on what type of business you have and how often you might be shipping products.


Running a business requires you to be on time and have a set schedule. That is why it is very important to keep at least two calendars in your business at all times. You want to really have a calendar hanging on the wall, plus a desk calendar, and even a couple small calendars hanging up in other locations. Calendars can help you manage your time and set goals for yourself and business while keeping all your information organized.


These are just some of the most essential office supplies for your business. The types of office supplies and amount of office supplies will vary a little bit depending on the type of business that you own. This means that you will need to make a checklist of what your business is and the most important types of supplies, which can help ensure you get all of the office supplies you need. You might think that using your smartphone is the best way to go, but even smartphones cannot compare to having the essential office supplies you need right at your disposal.

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