6 Questions With MILK from Rupaul's Drag Race


1. You recently performed for your first time in Atlanta with the Legendary Children. Tell us about this experience. What surprised you? What did you take away from the performance?

In the drag world, ATL definitely has a reputation of being a pageant town. While it does have that, I was pleasantly surprised to witness a wide array of 'fringe' styles of drag... bearded, burlesque, etc. It was a very artistic and conceptual evening!

2. What I loved about your style is that you fit in seamlessly with the Legendary Children... which most queens don't. Describe your style for our readers. What is this alternative-queer drag scene all about?

I know, I fit in quite well with the Children! My style of drag is theme oriented, conceptual like the Children and the alternative scene. I put high emphasis on the look, whether it be to go hand in hand with a themed performance or just to go out with my drag family, The Dairy Queens.


3. Did you ever think that you would be doing drag professionally?

Never did I ever think this is what I would be doing with my life! In high school I thought I would grow up to be a physician, married to a woman, and living behind that white picket fence. My life is so much cooler than I ever thought it could be! Speaking of cool, I intend to bring MILK onto the ice. I was a competitive figure skater growing up, the idea of a professional drag star on ice excites me!!!

4. What advice do you have for young queen who don't quite "fit in" with more traditional drag styles?

Obviously don't let them keep you from fully realizing who you are as an artist. If those naysayers had it their way, the world of drag would be glamorous and fabulous, but it would be monotonous. Keep being weird, experiment with different styles to see what you are capable of, you'll surprise yourself and will grow as artists.

5. What do you hope the future of drag will be like?

Long and Glittered! 😊

6. Do you have any closing thoughts for the queer children of the world?

Don't get caught up in the idea of having to do something with your life to make shit tons of money. The world used to be a place, still is for some, where the 'dream' was to work to get rich. As generations have gone by, I believe we now live in a society where the true dream is to love what you do and make enough to live comfortably. In my line of work, I am obviously not buying planes and islands, but goddamn it I absolutely love what I do and at the end of the day, as long as I make enough to enjoy a pint of ice cream every night, I'm good!