Six Reasons Why Co-Ed Friendships Are the Best

Friends drinking together outdoors
Friends drinking together outdoors

Good best friends are usually found in the oddest places. Sometimes they aren't who we grew up with, but instead someone we picked up later in life. Yet once we find them we never let go due to the perfect way they fit into our lives. Once found they become indispensable, we all need our best friends.

On some occasions we find our best friends in members of the opposite sex. This is weird to some people because they can't understand a non-sexual, long lasting friendship between opposite genders. However, there are many best friend pairs of the opposite sex who have enduring friendships that span decades. Opposite gender friendships make people question the authenticity of the of the friends and always ask silently away from people if there is something going on.

We live in a society where everything is possible and we are constantly moving toward an era of not being defined by our gender. In this era it is possible to have platonic friends and be nothing more than best friends and almost siblings. I will share with you six reasons why coed friendships are the best.

1.Guys and Girls Don't Compete With One Another. Usually when a man is a woman's best friend when they hang out, they are not competing for attention. The two can actually enjoy themselves without having insecurities about who will receive the most attention for the evening. When friends of the same sex go out there can be a bit of competition for attention from onlookers I mean nobody wants their friend to get all of the action.

2. Unbiased Honest Opinions. Men tend to be brutally honest about whatever they are asked. A man's honesty sometimes can be the only way to deliver a message. Whereas a girlfriend may try to spare the feelings of a friend at a time when the truth is actually what you need to hear.

3. Opinion About The Opposite Sex. Women best friends can help their male counterparts when it comes to understanding and dealing with women. They will receive insider advice that may potentially make their relationships better and vice versa. Men think differently and having a male BFF is like having a cheat sheet for a boyfriend.

4. Distraction. Whenever we go out sometimes we have to deal with the annoying, unwanted advances from someone. Having a BFF of the opposite sex is best on those evenings when you don't want to be bothered by unwanted people. You can always point to your BFF and say we're together when you don't want to talk to someone.

5. Sibling Bond. When you have a BFF of the opposite sex you two form a brother-sister relationship and will take care of one another like family. Having an extra over protective family member is always a good thing. Knowing that whenever you are in need of a person you will have a family member at your side.

6. Coming of Age. A certain dual maturity can be achieved through learning that every woman or man that you are attracted to, or cool with is not a conquest waiting for the taking. Having a BFF of the opposite sex helps one to understand how to cultivate non sexual relationships with others. They are in essence our teachers of how to deal with the opposite sex.

Men and women help one another grow and mature in ways beyond the understanding of people. It is through having a BFF of the opposite gender that one can truly understand and appreciate the way the mind of the opposite gender works. Have a BFF of the opposite gender provides an individual with a cheat sheet when it comes to dating, and other matters of life.