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6 Summer Styles for 2016

Ladies, we all have lingerie in our closets which we have never worn- for whatever reason. Summer 2016 provides the perfect opportunity to wear slip dresses sans an overdress.
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This week, we planned a special televised event for my television show which will review fashion trends for 2016. I also just returned from Tobago Jazz Experience where we saw many looks for Summer 2016. What will be on trend for Summer 2016? What should you wear to the six hundred summer engagements we have already planned out in our heads? No need to fear, this blog is here.

Slip Dresses
Ladies, we all have lingerie in our closets which we have never worn- for whatever reason. Summer 2016 provides the perfect opportunity to wear slip dresses sans an overdress. This 1990's trend is breathing a new life this summer thanks to labels such as Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent and Burberry.

Hedi Slimane, the French and Tunisian designer formerly of Yves Saint Laurent has stated that the accessory for summer 2016 is the tiara. Tiaras to the supermarket, to the gym, to the doctor, I presume. I always liken wearing tiaras to birthdays and bachelorette parties. It is very hard not to come across self- consumed wearing a tiara outside of those occasions. However, we are all queens so I am looking forward to seeing many pageant queen look-a-likes this summer.

Although Hedi Slimane is fashion royalty and every suggestion he makes is seriously considered, a glance at the global fashion trendsetters, the Kardashians, would indicate that chokers trump tiaras as the main accessories. Available in all colours, sizes and added charms, chokers are on many boutique owners' order lists for summer stock.

Paisley Prints
Imagine a modern day version of Little House on The Prairie. Yes ladies and gentlemen, paisley prints are a staple for this summer and Bohemian looks will be on every major clothing rack.

Denim (acid washed)
Personally, denim will never go out of fashion. This summer, acid wash and distressed jeans will be all the craze. They will be best paired with vintage tees and heavily logo'd T-shirts. The coveted, high-waist, distressed, cut-off mini skirt will also be in demand. The skirt must not have a hem.

Neutrals and pastels
Leave the bright colours to the traffic lights. We are all being advised to continue to get acquainted with neutral tones and pastels. I shared this sentiment with a friend this week and she never heard of pastels. Pastels are simply put, baby colours. Neutral tones would be nudes and greys.

Off the Shoulder
This is my favourite trend for summer. It is sexy yet tasteful and chic. A serious tip for ladies attempting this trend would be the fact that once your décolletage is exposed, no other part of the body needs exposure. Keep it classy.

The fashion community is consumed with this relatively new concept of a type of clothing that can be worn for either athletic or leisure activities. Examples would be Beyonce's Ivy Park. Believe it or not, this trend involves dressing up gym clothes. I sent a picture of the trend to a male friend recently and his response was "Look igrant (ignorant) as ever." To each his own. Yes, people are attending non- exercise events in gym clothes. Some even pairing them with heels. Welcome to the era of Athleisure.