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Six Super Cheap, Homemade Holiday Gifts

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Tis the season... to be broke. Holiday season is meant for cheer and singing jolly songs in the snow. However, behind all the fluff of decorated trees and lit up houses, is a large amount of money being spent in the spirit of gift giving. While there is no better feeling than watching a loved one's face light up as they open a gift, (okay that's a lie because receiving a gift yourself is also a really good feeling) checking your bank account when the tree comes down explains Scrooge's bah-humbug mentality.
Fortunately, there's a variety of gifts that you can give without having to break the bank. I have scoured the Internet for a few of my favorites. Check them out, and feel free to steal a few.

Homemade Fort Kit - Fill up a bag with all the essentials for a Grade A fort. Perfect for the budding architect, this gift allows everyone to be creative and can provide ample time for both building and bonding. Making this doesn't take long at all and costs close to nothing. Not sure what to put in your kit? Try this guideline for help, but you can always make up your own materials.

Printed Candles - Take a year off from the traditional scented candle and add some personalization to your gift. Yes, the yearly candles are always a treat, but these are both creative and fun - and they smell good. Add your own unique message to these candles, by following this incredibly easy and super adorable tutorial.

Homemade Bubblebath - This gift is both practical and very cute. So cute, you might want to make an extra one for yourself. The best thing about it is, is that it comes with this personalized label that actually comes completely free, right here. Slap a unique label onto your own homemade bottle of bubble bath so that when the receiver relaxes in a tub, they can think of you. (In the most non-creepy ways.)

Homemade Hula-Hoop - Using special piping that you can get for less than a dollar, you can make your own hula-hoop. You can decorate it at your own discretion or fill it with beans for some noise effects. Find some of this PEX piping here.

Watercolor Portraits - For the sentimental, crafty gift giver, this is perfect. Making it is probably just as fun as watching the receiver open it. For a personal touch on a simple photograph, this artistic present is perfect. Use this tutorial to make these simple, and frankly very cool, pictures.

Feather Catnip Toy - Who says gifts are meant solely for humans? Does anyone ever think about the felines that have to sit and watch every 25th of December as we sit around the tree and open presents? Nope. Let's change that with this cool toy that will make your cat go crazy, and its fun to make. Follow this tutorial for this easy-to-make cat toy.

Use one, or use all. The choice is yours. Either way, this list is certain to come in handy when looking for inexpensive Christmas gifts from the heart.