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Six Tips to Stop the Bra Hate

Not one day goes by when I don't read some random article on the horrors of bra wear. The basic premise of these pieces is that "we all know" bras suck. I call bullshit.
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Can we take a break from all the bra hate?

I love bras. I love what they do for my body, clothes, and state of mind. But not one day goes by when I don't read some random article on the horrors of bra wear. The basic premise of these pieces is that "we all know" bras suck. We'd never wear them if we weren't pressured by the mighty forces of fashion and society to keep ourselves contained and restrained.

I call bullshit. The intimate apparel industry has come a long way, with more attention to quality and fashion than ever before. It's not perfect. But there are loads of great lingerie bloggers who will attest to the progress. Because of my work, I've developed a deep appreciation for the beautiful fabrics, construction, and history of these feminine garments worn so close to my skin.

Wearing a bra is enjoyable. It's fun. It's uplifting. Heck, even my sports bras rock my world.

You don't have to purchase luxury lingerie to fall (or stay) in love either. It's a mindset. If you hate on bras, you can't be open to appreciating their better qualities. One bra buying experience gone wrong shouldn't ruin your entire lingerie life, either.

These simple tips can help you stop the bra hate and unleash your inner bra-loving goddess:

1. Celebrate the sisterhood of bra sizing. Everyone wears more than one size depending on brand or bra style. Just this week I bought two t-shirt bras. One is a 34DD; another is a 36D. Both fit great. If I assumed I wore the same size in both brands, I would not have been pleased. Get to know The Bra Zone of sizes and styles that work best for your body.

2. Be kind to your boobs. Ever shop for shoes after a long day of being on your feet? They're swollen and sore, and you must try a different style or size to compensate. The same happens to breasts. They can change shape or size. Try not to blame your boobs if you've outgrown one of your favorite bras.

3. Focus less on size and more on personal fit. I know which jean brands I prefer on my body. No one needs to tell me if one size of shoe fits me best. Some bra brands in my proper size don't feel right on my body. You, too, can trust your judgment in bras. Some people like padded, wireless, or plunge bras that push their boobs together. You might want a tighter or a looser band. You can stay open to all the possibilities that lingerie brands have to offer without compromising your personal style.

4. Refresh your bra wardrobe with the seasons. I update individual pieces of my outerwear wardrobe every season. Sometimes I swap out things in my closet to match the weather (not a difficult task in sunny Southern California). But my outfits won't look as good if I neglect to refresh my foundations, along with my fashions. A well-loved bra is suddenly less supportive and all stretched out because it is so well-loved. The change of seasons is a good time for me to consider ordering a new colorway of one of my favorites.

5. Put yourself first. Women sometimes think of lingerie as sexy and part of the romance game. Too often we wait to buy a gorgeous bra set when we can show it off, whether on a hot date or an anniversary. Special occasion lingerie is always a great idea but may not be the most comfortable or practical pieces in my wardrobe. Putting on a lovely bra and panty set is a gift I give to myself every morning. It's a small way to take better care of myself, not unlike daily exercise or meditation.

6. Remember to match the carpet to the drapes. Okay, I know the reference is about a whole other body issue. But it also applies to bras. I carefully select shoes to complete my outfit. Matching up my panties to my bras has a similar effect. I feel more put together, even if other aspects of my life are falling apart.

What do you think of these tips to stop the bra hate? Do you love or hate your lingerie?

This article first appeared on The Breast Life.