Six-Words in the News: Arizona, the Palins, Obama, Inception

Each day over at SMITH Magazine, the storytelling community I started in 2006, members unleash a frenzy of self-expression in the form of Six-Word Memoirs. More than 300,000+ Six-Word Memoirs have come in to SMITH Mag (and its younger, amazing cousin, SMITH Teens) since we launched the project, and now I'll be posting a weekly "best of" here at the HuffPo, with some Six-Word Challenges specific to this community.

First one: in Six Words, what story in the news is captivating your attention right now?

For inspiration on how the form works, here are six six-worders we love from from the week ending July 30.

Best Narrative Arc: "Achieved confidence through nudism, waitressing ... separately." --CBeth
Worst Sense of Self: "I'm not schizophrenic. Neither am I." --GoddessRock
Best Sense of Self: "I said to myself, "Self, WTF?'" --ctgood2 (profile pic, above).
Best Reason to Keep your Pokerface: "I never had a full deck." --Passerby
Most Dubious Use of Technology: "Accidentally hit 'Reply All,' lost job." --Valhallarie
Most Moving Use of the Dictionary: "Athazagoraphobia: The fear of being forgotten." --Missmae, from SMITHTeens.

Now, your turn. Leave six words in the comments area about the stories on your mind in the coming week. I'll send a Six-Word Memoir book to one short-form scribe from this space.