6-Year-Old To Bike Thieves: 'Your Mom Would Be So Disappointed'

Six-year-old Roxy has a message for bike thieves: Your mother would be ashamed of you.

This, after burglars busted into her family's Portland-area garage last month, making off with thousands of dollars worth of bikes. Upset by her dad's own devastation, Roxy took matters into her own hands, targeting the thieves with a sign she planted in the front yard.

The sign, which local news outlet KATU has called the "ultimate guilt trip," doesn't pull any punches.

"Shame on you bike thieves," the lawn sign reads. "Your mom would be so disappointed! Even if she was a villain, she still wouldn't want you to be a villain too!"

It's signed, "Sincerely, Resident 6 yr. old."

A handful of frowny faces dot the remainder of the sign, one of which is helpfully identified as "Dad" next to a drawing of a broken heart.

In an interview with KATU, Roxy's dad, Rob Thompson, said he was surprised by his daughter's initiative, adding that she even offered to give him the contents of her piggy bank.

Perhaps Roxy should team up with Isaiah McLoughlin, a 9-year-old Connecticut boy, who recently wrote a letter to the Waterford Police Department, asking them to get in touch with his grandmother "so we can talk about the situation" of speeders in the neighborhood where they both live.

In Isaiah's case, reports Good Morning America, police responded and ticketed a large number of speeding drivers in the area.

Hopefully Roxy's campaign yields similar results.

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