Just down the road lies a little slice of heaven alive with activities, a rainbow parfait of colors and fun celebrating both spring and Easter.

Pascua (Easter), or Semana Santa, as it is sometimes called, showcases lively re-enactments, parades and a rich tapestry of religious activities for this sacred holiday.

This UNESCO World Heritage city offers a near-museum quality panorama of folkloric art from the nearby villages and towns with talavera, potteries, textiles and more. Artisans proudly display their wares, some uniquely designed for this special time of year. A photographer’s dream landscape awaits. Intellectual art, music and literary programs abound.

A multi-sensory extravaganza awaits your visit. You’ll be met by intimacy, divine art/architecture and a centuries-old culture with similarities to your own. And there’s no better time to go, since the peso is now approximately 21 to one dollar, stretching your travel budget.

A myriad tapestry of experiences awaits your visit. Following is a photo essay of just some of the activities and scenes you’ll likely discover:

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