Of Course These SJP-Designed Flight Attendant Shoes Are All Sparkle

We'd like to fly a mile (or 1,284) in these.
11/29/2016 05:08pm ET | Updated November 30, 2016
SJP Collection
Blade's new SJP designed shoes. 

Forget home, there’s no place like a private jet to Miami. And even though you’ll have to do a lot more than click your heels to get on one, at least now the flight attendants’ shoes look just as sparkly as Dorothy’s.

Sarah Jessica Parker teamed up with Cynthia Rowley to design the bougiest flight attendant uniforms of all time flight attendant uniforms for BladeOne, a private aircraft carrier that offers flights between New York and Florida. Blade also serves destinations such as The Hamptons, Nantucket and Atlantic City.

Rowley said in a not-so-relatable press release that Blade’s helicopter and sea plane service “literally” changed her life by helping her escape rush-hour traffic to get to Montauk to see her kids. She designed a super chic, suede bell-sleeved dress with a silk necktie.

The good life. 

Parker, who knows a thing or two about finding the perfect shoe for any outfit, lent her design chops to the brand with one very sparkly block heel, adorned with a blue ribbon to match the necktie.

SJP Collection

Chances are many of us won’t have an opportunity to see the shoes in action, but you can get a version of them yourself. The shoes are actually part of Parker’s own collection that you can buy, un-ribboned, for $385.

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