Skateboard Stroller: The Quinny Jett Is An Actual Longboardstroller (VIDEO)

Few parents are brave -- or skilled -- enough to attempt Tony Hawk caliber skateboard stunts with their kids. For those moms and dads who skate more casually (and aren't ready to go full-on minivan), there's the (wait for it) longboard stroller.

The hipster/parent mashup product is currently being developed by Belgian design firm Studio Peter Van Riet and stroller company Quinny. It's more than a toy; according to the studio, the award-winning Quinny Jett concept is "a different way of thinking on how parents can move," designed to help parents navigate urban environments with greater ease:

For the first time in history, more than half the world’s population lives in urban areas. Quinny believes that you don’t have to leave the city when you become a parent; that for parents with a positive attitude and the right solutions, the city is a place full of opportunities.

Daddy Types blogger Greg Allen points out that the "longboardstroller" is not the first project of its kind -- a "significantly more stable"-looking scooter buggy was designed by Valentin Vodev starting in 2006 -- but he does commend the folks behind Quinny Jett for using helmets on their kids. (We do note, though, that the grown-ups in the video above, from a test of a recent prototype, don't seem concerned about wearing helmets themselves.)

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