Skateboarding Goat, 'Happie,' Sets Guinness World Record (VIDEO)

WATCH: This Goat Skateboards Into The Record Books

A Nigerian dwarf cross goat named "Happie" has reason to be just that after earning a Guinness World Record for ... skateboarding???

Back in March, Happie established a new record category, "Farthest Distance Skateboarding by a Goat,” when she rode a board 118 feet in his home town of Fort Myers, Fla.

The record-breaking ride took only 25 seconds, according to the New York Daily News.

Happie's owner, Melody Cooke, 18, recognized greatness in her goat from a young age.

"She figured out how to get on and then I was just like, 'Whoa, this is amazing,'" Cooke told KSN-TV. "My goat can skateboard, let me see how far I can go with this."

But skateboarding wasn't Happie's first sport.

Last year, she tried jumping on a bicycle Cooke was riding near her home, and she decided to teach the goat to ride on a skateboard.

Happie enjoyed it so much that Cooke's mother encouraged Melody to try and get her goat in the record books.

“My mom saw something special going on and said we should try to get her in Guinness,” Cooke told The News-Press.

The record-setting run was made at an office building back in March with a long runway of interior sidewalks and an outside parking lot.

Melody's Dad, David Cooke, is confident that Happie could have gone longer than 118 feet if not for a mishap.

“She could have gone even further but she ran into the parking barrier,” David Cooke said.

Guinness officials made the Cookes -- and Happie -- jump through all sorts of hoops before it would create a new category for skateboarding goats.

“For new record categories, the records management team needs to make sure the record is standardized - so everyone could attempt from an even playing field,” Guinness PR representative Jamie Panas told the New York Daily News.

Feats that do go on to forge new categories must be "measureable, breakable and verifiable," she said.

The record became official this past week when a certificate from Guinness arrived at the Cookes' home.

Luckily, Happie hasn't eat it yet.


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