Skateboarding Priest Becomes Internet Sensation (VIDEO)

In an effort to encourage more local youngsters to attend church, Hungarian priest Zoltan Lendavi is forgoing the sanctuary -- in favor of a skateboard.

In this recently released video, which has become a hit on YouTube, the 45-year-old Father Lendavi showcases his slick moves in full clerical garb to a crowd of enthusiastic teens outside of his church in Redics, Hungary.

Though his skateboarding sermons may seem wacky to some, Lendavi says he was inspired by the legacy of Saint John Bosco, a 19th century Italian priest who used games to educate children on Christianity. "There are many ways skateboarding can help bring people closer to God," he told The Telegraph, which also reported that three teen boys have since begun attending mass regularly after encountering the priest on his skateboard.

Watch video of Father Lendavi on his skateboard: