US Pro Skater Hopes To Start Summer Camp For Palestinian Children

The camp would teach skateboarding skills and conversational English, while fostering community bonding.

Fourteen-year skateboarding veteran Kenny Reed is taking his talents across the globe to share his passion with the children of Palestine. 

Reed has teamed up with filmmakers, activists and organizers to crowdfund a skate camp called SkateQilya, in the West Bank city of Qalqliya. The two-part program will start off with a three-week summer day camp for kids ages 12-16, and then finish up with weekend workshops between September and December.

The program is structured to take advantage of the growing skating scene in Palestine, which has been building since its first skate ramp was constructed in 2013. Ultimately, the team behind SkateQilya hopes to teach the kids to skateboard, shoot video and learn conversational English, while also helping them build leadership skills and foster community bonding. 

SkateQilya has raised $3,375 through its Indiegogo page thus far, and is looking to reach its goal of nearly $33,000 within the month. 

Check out the video above to learn more.



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