Skeleton Strip Club Halloween Display Gets Under Neighbors' Skin

Angela Nava just wanted to provide levity, but the homeowners association found the decorations "inappropriate."

Some neighbors in Richmond, Texas, had a bone to pick with Angela Nava’s Halloween skeleton strip club display. (See the videos below.)

The homeowners association called Nava’s pole-dancing skeletons and dollar-bill waving customers skullacious, ABC-13 in Houston reported. Well, the actual terms were “offensively positioned” and “inappropriate.”

Nava got a letter saying she had 30 days to shut it down. She said she just wanted to provide laughs in a difficult year and will bury the club display on Nov. 1.

“Everybody in my section of the neighborhood has been very supportive,” she told the Houston Chronicle. “I do have a few haters. We have to respectfully agree to disagree. For me, this is just a great creative outlet.”

Nava said she will keep changing the scenario a bit every night until closing. She said she was adding a VIP line.

Not bad for a club that was dead from the start.

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